Raja Danish

Raja Danish


Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD) 

Raja Danish started to bet on the sport when he was studying marketing at the Indian Institute of Technology. Preferably it was cricket and football. He was a football player in school and university that is why he knew pretty well the terms of this game and he’d always loved sport.

From a young age, I fell in love with cricket and started to follow it intently. After one of the games Royal Challengers Bangalore, where they show their stamina and won back from a big score during the match, I’ve become their devoted fan. From that time I have seen every game of my favorite team. Also, I always remember our competitors. Therefore, I try to review all highlights and game statistics. It helps in my analytics activity. I always understand the state of this or that team and can predict the results quite close to outcomes. 

Professional activity

Raja very quickly succeeded and started to earn good money in bookmakers companies. At the same time, he started to make forecasts which soon became published on various sports websites. While he was a student the analytics was more like a hobby to him. But as he learned deeper the whole details of sporting bets, he got more inquiries for prognoses and analysis of sports events. What made him choose his career in the world of sports gambling. 

Today Raja Danish is qualified as a great professional in different types of sport, including football and cricket. He makes short-term and long-term forecasts. Tells about the right strategies in bettings, tips on how to bet as well as helps aspiring analysts and edits their texts.

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