Money Train 2 Slot Game

Money Train 2 is another first-class wild west-themed slot from Relax Gaming. This online slot is designed down to the smallest details. The sound effects and background music immerse you in this theme completely. Spin the reels as you watch a broken windmill turn behind an old broken train.

The Money Train 2 slot machine has a 5-reel, 4-row layout within the carriage. The object of the game is to line up matching symbols on adjacent reels starting from reel 1 and moving left to right to create any of the 40 paylines available. 
With this slot, you can go on a journey full of danger and adrenaline. Take advantage of the numerous special features that will allow you to increase your bet up to 50,000 times. The RTP of this slot reaches as much as 96.40%, something you don’t see in other games. Your average RTP tends to go up to an incredible 98.00% if you fulfill the conditions of this slot.

Top Money Train 2 Online Casino In India

Nowadays, finding a casino on your own is quite difficult. We have checked quite a few different gambling websites in India that offer Money Train 2 slot, and the results are shown in the table below.

How To Play Money Train 2

We are sure that you have already wanted to check out the gameplay of Money Train 2 free play. But playing for real money is available only for registered users. The casinos that are listed in the table above should be perfect for your needs, as they feature the highest security not only for Money Train 2 but also for the whole site. You can use this step-by-step guide on how to play Money Train 2 real money:


First of all, choose a reliable casino with good bonus offers.

The gameplay is no different since this slot is delivered by one provider.


Sign up for this casino with your password and make a deposit.

Don’t forget about the welcome bonuses, which can, under certain conditions, increase your initial deposit by several times. This is a lucrative chance to get more profits with the possibility of cashing out the bonus you received.


Find Money Train 2 on the main casino menu.

Enter Money Train 2 into the search box and the system will automatically give you the slot you are looking for.


Decide on the amount you want to bet on.

This step should be worked out in some detail in the future, as the management of funds in the slots is the primary task of the player in order not to stay bankrupt.


When you have decided on a bet, make it.

Put in the required amount of money and click on “Spin”. Play Money Train 2 and watch how your luck works for you.

Money Train 2 Features

The highest-paying symbol is the Necromancer. Right behind him are the Collector, the Sniper, and the Paymaster. The lower symbols of the slot machine Money Train 2 are the standard card symbols. The Skull symbol is the wild one.

There are a total of 10 symbols on the reels, divided among special, low-paying, and high-paying symbols. The high-paying symbols are four characters: the Necromancer, the Collector, the Sniper, and the Payer. The low-paying symbols are the spade, heart, club, and diamond card suits. Except for the scatter, which is the bonus gear wheel, the skull wild can be used to replace any other symbol on a payline.

Theme & Graphics

money train interface

At first glance, Money Train 2 has a western theme. In fact, it is a bit more complicated and modern, because the action in this version takes place in the future. You will find a unique blend of steampunk with a western motif.

The gameplay takes place in a desert town. A modern soundtrack with western elements gives the desert city landscape a futuristic, exciting atmosphere. The visuals are attractive and smooth, which creates a great gameplay experience.

Money Train 2 Paytable

You can read the table below, which will familiarize you with the multipliers during the Money Train 2 game. More detailed information you can find in the game itself.

Symbol typetambourinesclubswormspeaksgirlbandit in a green hata criminal with a mohawkbandit with glasses

Money Train 2 Free Spins And Bonuses

money train bonuses

The last part of Money Train had a huge number of bonuses and the second part had just as many. The old features have been strengthened and players even get a new one, which works great and affects more than just one aspect of the game. You will like it, as it adds an adrenaline boost to the game that was quite lacking in the first part of the game. It also smooths out the angles when not enough scatters are dropped to trigger the main event.

Meet Respins at Money Train 2 casino, a brand-new feature. When two scatter symbols appear on the reels, it is activated. There is a re-spin after each scatter shows a multiplier, which is then added. Up until a winner shows up, the number of spins increases by one for each spin which doesn’t result in a win. The multiplier accumulated is added to the total when a win occurs.

The most significant one is the Money Cart Bonus round, which starts when three or more scatter symbols appear. As night falls, a new grid that only activates special symbols appears on the screen. During the first three spins of the bonus game, the scatters that were activated remain fixed in place and add their values to the wins multiplied by the total stake. The number of spins is reset to three if any symbol triggers the round, and their values are added to the winnings multiplier. When there are no more spins left, the feature is over. 

Different symbols are dropped throughout the bonus game; each has a value that is added to the multiplier. A few of them come with extra features, such as

  • Collector – which adds to its value the total of all other visible values. The remaining visible symbols are then updated with the new value.
  • Payer – provides value to all other symbols that can be seen.
  • Necromancer – brings 1 to 6 previously used symbols back to life. This could be the Sniper, Payer, or Collector.
  • Persistent Sniper – every subsequent spin doubles the value of the next three to eight symbols.
  • Reset Plus – raises the number of spins’ initial value by 1.
  • Golden bonus symbol – reveals a value that ranges from 20x to 200x.
  • Collector – gathers all values that are visible and adds them to its own.
  • Persistent collector – on each subsequent spin, gathers all other values and adds them to its own.
  • Bonus symbol – reveals a value in the range of 1x to 10x.
  • Sniper – increases the value of 3 to 8 additional bonus symbols by two. It can take many actions on the same symbol.
  • Persistent payer – with each subsequent spin, increases the value of every other symbol.

There won’t be a test on this list of symbols next, so relax. Let’s just say that each symbol raises the bet multiplier, and some of them also have a unique modifier that significantly raises the sum. In a subsequent turn, if the reel is already full of symbols, an additional reel will be opened, giving the symbols more room to be placed. The number of additional reels in the game is capped at 2.
The game also includes a bonus buy-in feature. The Money Cart bonus round is triggered on the following spin if the wager size is 100x.

Money Train 2 Rtp & Volatility 

As mentioned before, our review showed that the RTP of Money Train 2 is simply astounding. The average number is 96.4%, which can be boosted to 98% under certain conditions. This is a high wagering level, as most slots do not even reach the 96% level. 

In case you don’t know what RTP is, simply put, it is a mathematical average number that indicates the return of bets to the player. Even shorter: The higher the number, the better for you.

The volatility of the slot is high. It’s hard to say whether this is good for you or not because it’s subjective and depends on the preferences of each player individually. For example, with this slot, you will win a small number of times, but if you do win, you will immediately get a huge amount of money.

Benefits Money Train 2

The list of benefits is also purely subjective, but what we liked was this in Money Train 2:

  • A fascinating theme that will appeal to all fans of both the wild west and steampunk. You’re in luck if you like both at the same time.
  • The protection of the slot is top-notch, as it was developed by one of the leading software developers.
  • There are a lot of bonuses. We rarely see similar slots with so many in-game bonuses. If you combine this with casino offers, you will get more benefits.
  • The RTP is high, and so is the volatility. This increases the excitement and sense of fun as a result of winning.


Can I play the Money Train 2 slot for free?

Yes, this game has a demo version, so you can try it out without investing. If you like it, then make a deposit and win real money.

I’ve been told that the RTP here is high, is that true?

It is indeed true. This is quite good because it is the Money Train 2 RTP that affects the outcome of your win and the wagering of your bets. The higher the RTP number, the better the chances of winning back your bets.

Can I play this slot on my smartphone?

Sure. This game provider allows you to play Money Train 2 comfortably on any smartphone, even the oldest ones. This is possible because of HTML5 technology with cookies, which has replaced Flash. It provides safe and smooth play.

Does this game have a jackpot?

No. There is no jackpot in Money Train 2.