Star Gods – a true deity among slots in India

Often downloaded from third-party sites APKs did not support Hindi or rupee deposits, making them unattractive. Fortunately, the divine intervention of Star Gods is to remedy this situation.

Golden Rock is not new to the online APK market for real rupees, yet they didn’t release Oriental-style games until Star Gods. That makes more sense than most names for sports betting apps or other online entertainment. The peculiarity of Star Gods slot is hidden in the name itself. The stars are symbols of the gods of longevity, prosperity, and most importantly good luck. Probably every Asian player knows his patrons, and here you can face them and experience their favor directly.

The visual aesthetic pleasure has also set Star Gods in India apart from other apps. If you download the app and turn your phone around, you can enjoy all the elegance of the real atmosphere that this online slot conveys. The muffled bass can be heard through the bamboo grove that also forms the frame and the main part of the interface. The background is elaborated so that the inquisitive eye can see there a temple, a lotus, and the fiery oriental sky.

Divine visuals, however, not the only advantage of Star Gods slot, but something we could not pass by without attention.

Where can I find a Star Gods slot to play online?

Star Gold slot is available at all major online casinos around the world. This is not surprising because any gambling hall would be incomplete without the classic games with Asian themes.

Among other competitors, we single out 5 main ones that you should pay attention to:

  • Hello Casino
  • Kassu
  • Captain Spins
  • Casino Lab
  • Videoslots

Of course, you are free to choose any operator you prefer. We only claim that the above-listed online rooms do pay out money and offer the best welcome bonuses for new players. 

At each of the named casinos, you can find Star Gods slots and start playing with free spins and bonus rupees in your account.

What types of Star Gods Slots are available to players from India?

First and foremost, Star Gods allows players to bet real money online and get their winnings limited only by luck. Deposits are accepted in rupees which is doubly convenient, expands the list of platforms available for depositing, and saves your money from commissions. Playing and earning online has never been easier. Thanks to an advanced rewards system that allows 96% of players not to lose money Star Gods slot has become one of the most popular in the world and if you still have any doubts, the free mode should dispel them.

Yes, you read that right – everyone has the opportunity to try the Star Gods slot without risking any money. It’s fair and square – you can run the slot, get to know how it works (which is critical if you’re a beginner), and make a decision without losing a penny of your savings. You don’t need to download this APK separately or do any additional manipulations with your phone or account – just choose a demo version and enjoy the Star Gods slot without risk.

How to play Star Gods slot?

If you need such tips, most likely you are a beginner and a simple listing of the technical features of the Star Gods slot will not tell you anything.

As a classic slot game, Star Gods has 5 reels that spin and each reel shows 3 symbols when it stops. When all 5 reels are stopped the symbols on them form rows. So we have combinations of up to 10 paylines both from right to left and from left to right.

If you still feel unsure about the game, then place the minimum bet – 0.10. More confident players who are used to multiplying the real money online can place a bigger bet – up to 200. Star Gods slots have really divine conditions so they will show you the limits only if your winnings add up to 600 times your bet.

The interface despite the elegant oriental style is quite familiar to players around the world. A large button at the bottom of the screen starts the game and additional options can be found on the intuitive buttons next to it.

Professionals can start autoplay with a specified number of spins if they find it difficult or annoying to spin the reel every time.

You also see the money and betting information always in front of you. In the center is your current bet, while the balance and previous action information are hidden at the edge of the screen. The information section will offer you all available statistics on your games and winnings. Of course, management is available using the mouse and keyboard, such as arrows to change the bet size, which makes the game in the Star Gods slot even more convenient.

How To Win At Star Gods Slot?

Winning at the Star Gods slot is quite easy because winnings are counted from right to left as well as from left to right. This rule applies to free spins and re-spins, which are guaranteed to win without any additional restrictions.

The gold star is the symbol that turns the entire reel into the image of a deity. As you remember it is Fu Lu and Shou – our best companions on the way to riches.

The bonus game is activated by a free spin, which is the best part of this game as it costs nothing and wins like a regular bet.

Professional gamblers might have noticed that the maximum payout is 600 times the bet and this is not the biggest offering among online casino slots in 2021. Nevertheless, low volatility also reduces your chances of losing, which increases your account in the long run.

Let’s break down the symbols that bring you money. There are symbols on the reels which have their own value, such as coins. They increase your winnings if they form a combination. Bonus events such as free spins are triggered by bonus symbols that do not increase your winnings by themselves. You will find more detailed rules inside the game in the tab with the question mark.

In Star Gods High-value combinations are found much more often than in other slots, so we can’t help but mention them:

5 Waving Catsmultiplies your bet by 10 if in a payline combo
5 Colored Coinsmultiplies your bet by 3 if in a combo on the payline
5 Red Envelopesmultiplies bet by 6 if in a combo on a payline
5 Pagodasmultiplies bet by 30 if in a combo on a payline.

You don’t have to wait for the jackpot or the super game to win big – just fill the reel with high-value symbols. A maximum bet of 1,000 rupees can bring you a win of 600 times that. Do the math yourself.

Free spins are triggered by wild symbols on the second, third and fourth reel. The gold bar on the first reel will also trigger the bonus game.

You can win in Star Gods even from the first minutes of the game. Nevertheless, given that this is a low volatility game, it will keep you from losing big and making too many quick wins. Statistics show that very few players lose all their money at Star Gods Slots. 

What bonuses does the Star Gods slot offer in 2021?

Bonus program Star Gods slot offers several options that make the game more exciting and gambling:

  • Classic Wild Symbol.

As in other slots is possible on the middle reels. Triggered by the appearance of a gold star, which calls the deity. This god fills the entire reel and becomes the wild symbol The image of one of these richly dressed gods fills the entire reel. The game does not limit the possibility of the wild symbol appearing on more than one reel at the same time.

  • Win Respin.

Win Respin is a bonus that is activated when you get the wild symbol. Free rotation continues until you win. Even if you get another wild symbol during this, the game will add another free spin. 

  • Free Spins

A special bonus event that requires you to roll a special symbol – a gold bar. The peculiarity is also that it can only appear on the first reel. The bonus game with free spins will start when you collect a combination of wild symbols and a gold bar.

Ways to Deposit Money at StarBurst Slots

The rules for transferring money are determined by the casino you chose earlier to try Star Gods slot. Usually, you can use any currency including Rupees to fund your real money account at Star Gods Slots. Every casino hosting this game accepts bank cards and international payment systems including Google Pay and Apple Pay.

If any errors or delays occur, contact the support of your payment provider and casino to resolve this as quickly as possible. Star Gods Slot does everything possible to protect your transactions and make them instantaneous.

Conditions for withdrawal of money in Star Gods slot

All your winnings, no matter how they were received: during regular or bonus games, belong to you. The bonus game includes free spins and re-spins. For winning the bonus spins you get your winnings in full. 

Withdrawal of money is carried out according to the rules of the casino services which you prefer to use.

Playing Star Gods slot is completely legal and not restricted by the laws of India. This slot machine has passed many tests, has an international quality certificate, and is allowed in the lobby of all major international gambling operators.

You can be sure that by playing the Star Gods slot for real money you are not breaking the law and not supporting illegal activities.

Is there any way to try the Star Gods slot without real money?

Any casino you choose to try Star Gods has a demo version of the game which will not bring winnings but does not require a deposit.

How do I get free spins in the Star Gods slot?

The way to get them is pretty standard. Each wild symbol triggers a free spin, which can bring another wild symbol and you will get an extra free spin.

How much percentage of the bet does Star Gods slot return?

The game’s RTP rating is 95.94 percent.

What is the volatility of Star Gods?

The game does not limit your chances of winning even in the first few spins. Nevertheless, it has an average high volatility.

How much can I win at Star Gods?

If you hit a maximum combination, you can increase your initial bet by 600 times.

Can I download Star Gods on Android or Apple?

Any device with internet access can run Star Gods slot, while Android and Apple users can use the mobile APK.